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Space Expedition


Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Space Expedition is an adventure game with an old-school horror atmosphere.

You are dispatched to a space station to investigate why a group of researchers never came back. Upon arrival, you find empty ruins and soon realize that the situation is far worse than anyone imagined.

It’s a story-driven game without any microtransactions or annoying ads – which is very appealing in a marketplace that is filled with shovelware.


The gameplay uses just 4 buttons in total.

Two are for moving left and right, while the other two are for jumping and using items.

The items that you come across are a jetpack, boxes that you can carry and use, and crystals that are essential to the game’s completion.

Space Expedition is not filled with action but instead relies on mystery and horror.

Most of the time, the player has to navigate through abandoned environments that are filled with traps, aliens, and hazards such as lava and leaking electricity.

You have to figure out the best ways to get past every situation and the aforementioned crystals are hidden throughout every level.

The game is very straightforward for the most part and its level design reminds me of the Dead Space franchise since those games were also about being stuck on a spaceship filled with deadly aliens and malfunctioning environments that have become death traps.

Of course, Space Expedition operates at a much lower budget and is far less ambitious, but it still delivers a great horror experience that does not try too hard to be taken seriously.

It's a short but entertaining game and I felt engaged throughout the entire playthrough.

Once the game ended, I found out that gathering all of the crystals leads to an alternate ending too – so that adds extra replayability, and I had a lot of fun beating it again, this time with the true ending.

The game could have been longer without a doubt, but that does not take away from the enjoyment and there are no annoying ads or microtransactions either.


Space Expedition does not have a descriptive storyline, but its mysterious vibe adds to the charm.

You can find small snippets of information in the form of tapes on dead bodies, and the rest of the story is told through visual cues rather than having characters explain it to you.

Not knowing what’s going on makes you relate to the game’s protagonist, while both of you are smart enough to figure out that the ship essentially got overrun by a hostile alien lifeform and you need to get off as fast as possible.

Space Expedition gameplay Space Expedition gameplay


The graphics may not be anything to write home about, but it’s an old-school horror game and the retro-themed visuals are a fitting combination for what the game wants to be.

There’s a decent amount of detail in every level and the animation is pretty fluid too – so it’s easily above-average in the graphics department.

The UI is very clean and does not overcomplicate what you see on the screen.

I did not encounter any technical issues aside from the game automatically pausing right after I reloaded a checkpoint.

But many people seem to encounter the pause glitch far more often and it ruins their experience. So, it depends on what device you’re playing the game on – unless an update fixed it and that’s why I did not run into it more than once.

The sound design is great.

There is hardly any background music as the game makes use of its sound effects to enhance the overall experience.

You can hear sounds of water dripping, aliens, earthquakes, electricity, footsteps, and other natural things at all times. The sound adds a sense of tension to many situations in the game.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Space Expedition is very short, but its length does not hold it back from being one of the better mobile games that you can play right now.

It’s filled with intelligent level design, and with multiple endings, it's worth playing a second time.