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Android, Ios

A lot of mobile games are easy to gain first impressions from, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from Space Marshals 2 because it looks like something similar to XCOM but advertises itself as a shooter.

Once I began playing, I was blown away by its scale.

The game feels extremely polished and has a somewhat engaging storyline with seamless gameplay that even switches through player perspectives as part of its narrative.

So is this sequel better or worse than its successful predecessor?. Let's find out.


The gameplay of Space Marshals 2 is straightforward but has more depth than your average shooter.

As soon as you start you’re introduced to a massive galaxy and spaceships. You wake up after being hijacked by a group of captains that you now have to sneak your way through.

You can avoid bullets by taking cover, flank enemies from different directions, blow up barrels to dispose of them, use grenades, drones, and so on.

The icing on the cake here is that ammo is a bit limited, especially in the harder levels, so you will occasionally find yourself out of bullets and with that comes the game’s stealth feature.

As you can guess, stealth allows you to sneak up on enemies. Most enemies will become unaware of your presence unless you come in their field of view, kind of similar to Metal Gear Solid but much less polished as a mechanic.

Shooting and stealth mechanics aside, the game in scale feels like something I’d be playing on a PSP instead of a mobile game.

And the mechanics such as exploration and looting feel like something I’d see in a portable Borderlands spin-off and that’s a great way to explain the atmosphere of Space Marshals 2.

It’s definitely less comical in comparison and lacks the RPG mechanics of Borderlands, but going around in space wastelands, fighting pirates, and making your place in a harsh world is something that immediately reminds me of it.

Space Marshals 2 gameplay sniper Space Marshals 2 gameplay red laser


The graphics of the game are solid and live up to the ‘HD’ claim of its advertisements.

All the character models have decent detail and distinction, while the game’s world is full of rich textures as well.

Space Marshals 2 does not shy away from introducing you to new environments and sceneries which is commendable as most mobile developers try hard to save resources or have a low budget and end up on the side of aesthetic repetition.

The UI is intuitive and very easy to understand, it translates well into the story-telling aspect of the game with the dialogue popping up in the right places and being easy to read.

The controls are mostly great but can feel a little stiff at times, I don’t know if it’s because of the fact the game can be laggy on devices without a great GPU or just something in general.

Shooting is pretty smooth but movement can just go in the wrong direction sometimes and you have to re-place your thumb to get it right. It’s not a deal-breaker but it can be slightly annoying.

The sound design follows good production values, the music is there, the sound effects are all in place and everything has a sound attached to it. They certainly did not cheap out in this department and while it’s not anything special, it does the job. If you have good earphones and headphones, it would probably make the experience much better.

The ads are not that annoying but it constantly tries to make you pay for the game by having some content locked behind the ‘premium’ version, and every time you die, retrying is done through either paying or watching an ad.

It can get somewhat annoying if you die a lot, but it’s a fair way to keep Space Marshals 2 free since playing it better would help you see the ads less often.

Rating: 8

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Space Marshals 2 has excellent gameplay with tons of fun mechanics, a surprisingly large scale setting, and beautiful 3D-rendered graphics.

However, it implements more than it polishes, and due to that some of its features seem underwhelming compared to similar mobile games that did those things better.