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Stardew Valley


Chucklefish Limited

Android, Ios

The life simulation genre has always been dominated by the likes of Harvest Moon and The Sims.

There has been a number of different games and franchises over time, but it has always been those two that provided the best quality you could find for your money.

However, as time passed, the respective franchises essentially ran out of things to innovate and the genre seemed to be quietly losing its footing.

Enter ‘Concerned Ape’, a single developer who devoted four years of his life inspired by the classic Harvest Moon series, and he creates a new life simulation RPG game that takes everything good from those existing titles, with an all-new identity and features that the AAA companies did not risk to add themselves.

Stardew Valley is often credited as the game that revived the life simulation formula. Today we review the mobile version of the game.


In Stardew Valley, you play as a character who is given a farm to look after once their grandfather passes and the pressures of modern life tires them out.

Moving into the farm, the player quickly begins introducing themselves to all the different inhabitants whom they can befriend. Most of the those characters play different roles, such as running a hospital, a general store, or a bar, to name a few.

Your farm adventure will start off quite fast and you will find yourself clearing out weeds, wasted wood, and rocks – replacing them all with crops of your choice and creating a rich farm full of great produce and livestock that you can raise.

The farm is fully customizable and it’s entirely up to you as to how you choose to play the game.

Even your house is customizable, and if you marry any of the 12 NPC candidates they start looking after your farm with you.

The game has a large open world in which you can go around and discover secrets, treasures, and even encounter monsters like you would in a dungeon crawler.

There are also additional simple activities such as cooking, fishing, and so on. The possibilities are almost endless.

The fact that the game only establishes you once you complete it, and does not just roll the credits and stop, just adds more to the replay value if you like open endings.

Stardew Valley boy in a garden surrounded by shrubs Stardew Valley character customization


The graphics of Stardew Valley are very plain, but that’s for the best considering it still manages to be detailed and full of beautiful textures and animations that give it life.

It perfectly captures the relaxing atmosphere that you would want from a game about having a successful farm life, and this also ends up serving tribute to the games it is inspired by.

The sound design is great as well, you will be listening to a lot of neat little sound effects that keep the experience alive.

Stardew Valley may not be free, but do yourself a favor and don’t double think about making the one-time purchase if you are a fan of this genre, because having a mobile game as amazing as this is no less than a blessing.

Hopefully, we will see more from the one-man-army of a developer that Concerned Ape is.

Rating: 9

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Stardew Valley has every feature that you would expect from a great life simulation game, and you will find yourself always opening the app back for more and making sure you don’t miss any of the special events.

It would take too long to name every single thing that makes Stardew Valley so amazing, so I’ll leave some of it for you to find out.