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Stick War Legacy


Max Games Studios

Android, Ios

Back in the days of Flash games, it was extremely common to see popular gameplay concepts adapted into simple graphics that had stick figures instead of detailed characters.

This was both to save time and effort as stickmen are incredibly easy to animate, and also allowed people with low-end devices to play something that isn’t too demanding.

Stick War: Legacy is a mobile game just like that, and it takes the usual tower-defense mechanics of games like Plants vs Zombies, and adds a blend of strategy like Age of Empires – which ends up offering the player something entirely unique with a new identity of its own.


The gameplay of Stick War: Legacy starts off very simple.

You farm money by spawning miners and from that point on you manage your resources based on your strategies.

Initially, you only have a few types of soldiers to spawn, but after a bit of progression, your complete line-up includes archers, swordsmen, Spartans (called Speartans in the game), mages, and giants.

The game lets you play in 3 different stances:

You can either defend your home statue which is kind of a last-resort thing and it holds up every other activity, or you can be in a defensive position in which your soldiers will defend a certain point while the mining goes on uninterrupted, and the last stance is launching a full attack to kill everyone on the enemy team and destroy their statue.

While the game sounds straightforward – there’s more here than meets the eye.

Your fight plan needs to constantly change with each level since you will need new strategies to fight against different enemy teams.

For example, while the archers are useful in every single situation, they’re especially important when it comes to fighting mages of the enemy team as they will stop melee attacks most of the time.

On the other hand, the swordsmen are not always that useful but they can be very helpful in fighting the giants as long as you have some speartons and archers backing them up.

The game is very entertaining and I ended up finishing the entire story campaign in one go because of how fun and non-grindy the gameplay was. Unlocking and upgrading different classes of soldiers feels rewarding and taking over the world for peace by disrupting as much of it as possible within other kingdoms never gets old!

An important feature to mention of the game is the ability to manually control your soldiers.

While the game can be played idly as long as you keep spawning your stickmen, you can do better damage and tactics by controlling individual soldiers, and this will also provide a bonus to attack and defense points against the enemy team.

It definitely adds extra depth to the game and I found it very fun to control the speartons especially since they have a special move of throwing their spears which does a lot of damage.

While the main campaign is short, thankfully the fun does not end there.

Stick War: Legacy comes with many different game modes, such as a zombie-apocalypse where you must fight waves of the undead, a tournament mode where the game pretends you’re against unique teams created by real players, and a challenge mode that is consistently updated and has a new level to play every week.

You earn a decent amount of money by playing and winning through different levels of the game, and you can then buy cosmetics and upgrades.

There is also the option to buy a no-ads version and in-game currency, but if you wish to play it for free, the ads are not very persistent and most of them can be skipped mid-way.

Stick War Legacy gameplay Stick War Legacy gameplay


The graphics of Stick War: Legacy is extremely simple and resemble something anyone can create in Microsoft Paint. Sure, a former Flash game based around Stickmen shouldn’t necessarily have higher standards – but if it’s on Play Store and found a great deal of success, why not go the extra mile?

The UI and polish are excellent and I did not encounter any issues at all besides the subtitles in the intro cutscene being slightly off-sync.

Everything is easy to navigate through and there are hardly any bugs.

The soundtrack is quite decent, as the background music isn’t repetitive to listen to and there’s a variety of tunes in different parts of the game.

But if you play for too long, hearing the same in-game music can get a bit stale, and thus the developers should look into improving this.

The sound effects, on the other hand, are as good as it gets for a mobile game of this type and positively contributes to the overall experience.

Rating: 7

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Stick War: Legacy is an addictive mobile strategy game that will keep you busy and hooked for many hours – and it’s a beautiful trip down the nostalgia lane for people who used to enjoy Flash games.

It’s lacking in the visual department, though, and the background music can use some variety as well.