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Super Cat Tales 2



Android, Ios

Super Cat Tales 2 is a very adorable action platformer in which you get to play as multiple cats with unique abilities and your goal is to stop an army of robotic foes who intend to take over the world.

The game looks gorgeous and is filled with many features that keep the experience fresh.

So is it a great mobile game? or is it just advertised well enough? Let’s find out.


The gameplay appears to be very simple at first but as soon as you begin progressing through the levels, it becomes clear that there is a lot of depth in its design.

You start off with one playable cat whose special ability is speed and you then go on to unlock more cats as you play more levels.

There are different types of abilities that every cat brings to the table.

You don’t have to pick a single quirk to play with, as the game allows you to switch between all of the cats on the go – which is a great advantage to have against the game’s dynamic level design. None of the levels are meant to be played only once, as there are many elements that only a certain item or a playable character can get through and you will have to go back after obtaining said character or item.

The items are things like the ability to glide slower, a shovel to dig with, shoes that help you run faster, and so on. They’re not always mandatory to complete a level, but you will need them later on as world progression is usually locked behind how many ‘bells’ you collected in your playthrough and some of them are only obtainable with the special items.

It does not get annoying, though, as the levels are all very fun and short – so the replayability is a positive here. There are even special events added to certain levels such as the kittens disappearing from the first level if you go back after a certain time, and you have to then find them in other levels to unlock a new playable character.

Although Super Cat Tales 2 is a fast-paced platformer in which you will always be jumping off of things, fighting enemies, and switching through characters and items – the controls are very smooth and you hardly feel like you’re playing on a touch device. Every task is easy to pull off, and the precision required for certain jumps is not too difficult to master.

There are even bosses to fight at the end of certain levels, which requires a bit of strategy. And you’re treated to bits of the story every time you fight a boss, which is always delightful to see due to how adorable all the characters and their interactions.

It’s deeply entertaining to play this game due to how fun everything is.

You have the general levels which are filled with clever obstacles, enemies, and things to collect. And they are also filled with secrets that elevate the experience even further and give meaning to the backtracking.

And finally, the bosses feel like the icing on the cake – which is something every good platformer needs to have.

The only thing that holds the game back slightly is the fact that you will have to rely on ads at times for coins or revivals, because generally collecting coins in the game is rather slow.

So, you’re stuck on having to replay levels to get enough money for overall story progression.

However, this is a free mobile game after all and you can pay to get rid of ads and to drop every item’s price in half with a single purchase – which is very fair given how immaculately fun the game is.

super cat tales 2 gameplay super cat tales 2 gameplay


The graphics of Super Cat Tales 2 follow a classic 8-bit art style, which looks gorgeous.

Whether it’s the playable characters, the enemies, the environment, items, or even details in the background, everything is beautifully crafted and the animations are as lively as it gets in this art-style.

And when the game shows you cutscenes to give you some background on the story – it’s a marvelous sight to behold.

The game’s UI is excellent and very straight to the point. From the menu screen, all the way to the in-game inventory – everything feels like it’s an arcade game and since that’s where some of the best platformer video games originated, it’s a good aesthetic to adopt.

The polish is mostly great as it’s hard to run into any issues and you can tell that the developers worked hard on the game, but there is one issue that I and some other players encountered.

That would be the random slow-downs in the game despite it not being very demanding. Once it starts to happen, all you can do is restart the game and after doing that, the same levels that were slowed down work perfectly fine. The issue is not a deal-breaker as it takes a while to happen every time, but it’s certainly a bit annoying.

The sound design of the game is very good, as there is a sound effect for everything that you can see or do. There are even audio cues that hint to you needing an item for certain things in the game, which is very helpful. And the background music is very catchy too, which I found myself thoroughly enjoying in some levels.

It’s always a surprise to see good sound design in a mobile game, and this one tops the chart.

Rating: 8

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

Super Cat Tales 2 is an excellent platformer that will keep you entertained from start to finish, and you’ll be left wanting more as soon as it’s over.

The progression could have been a little less grindy and some technical issues need attention – but none of these things stop it from being one of the best mobile games that you’ll play on your phone.