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Swamp Attack


Outfit7 Limited

Android, Ios

Swamp Attack is an action-packed mobile game in which you take on the role of a solitary swamp dweller, having to suddenly defend your property against legions of creatures.

All you want is to mind your own business, have barbeques, and listen to some good old country music, but unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

Aliens have mind-controlled the animals of the swamp, turning them into vicious monsters. With their zombie-like expressions, they now slowly travel in threatening packs toward your house.


The gameplay of Swamp Attack is very straightforward.

You need only tap the screen to shoot enemies and collect the rewards they drop.

And while that sounds simple enough, things can get pretty intense as shown in the screenshots.

When enemies start appearing on the screen you need to take them out as soon as possible before they reach a critical mass and overwhelm the house. Your life points drop if they get close enough and start to attack.

There are a number of fun weapons at your disposal and how you use them is strategically important. You can't simply spam shoot all the time because of things like reload time, recoil, and hit accuracy at long range. There's a careful balance of those elements that force you to play smart.

The default gun is the shotgun which is decent at taking out enemies at medium and close range but it's not going to be enough to deal with every situation or type of creature. More firepower would be needed, and this comes in the form of dynamite, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails and plenty more, heck you name it and it's probably in the game.

The first few stages play as an introduction to the game mechanics, so it may appear easy at first, but difficultly quickly ramps up in the later stages.

Swamp Attack fighting crocodiles in the swamp Swamp Attack swarm of monsters attacking


The map selection screen and store can be overwhelming at first. There is simply too much information for the player to process immediately, and this could have been implemented better.

Swamp attack, like most free-to-play mobile games, has a store. It is possible to grind to get your equipment with gold, but sometimes to speed things up, you may have to spend real money.

There are a ton of items to purchase, all having different strengths and weaknesses.

It's great fun browsing through all the weapons and equipment, trying out different options, and all for newer ways of blowing things up. It adds a small element of strategy to the choices you make.

Swamp attack has a multiplayer PVP mode which is quite hectic. You get to shoot ducks, collect their eggs, and then use that to spawn monsters to overwhelm your opponent. It's not the most fun experience due to the chaotic and random nature of it, but it's there nonetheless if you want to take a break from the single-player.

With regard to general polish and technical issues, the game isn't squeaky clean, like one issue I had was the constant vibration that occurs every time you throw dynamite, and this cannot be disabled at the time of writing.

Another annoyance is that you need a certain amount of 'energy'(which is the in-game resource) to play newer stages. You can either wait a certain amount of time for it to replenish or you can watch an entire video ad and have it unlocked immediately. So there's that.

Rating: 8

Jab shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Jab

Swamp Attack has some nagging issues holding it back but it's still a fun mobile game with addictive gameplay that makes you want to shoot everything on sight.

Lock and load, partner, It's time to deal with those darn critters, and drive them off your property!