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Android, Ios

The Fishercat is one of those perfect mobile games to spend your time on while harpooning for fish of all kinds and colors.

With its simple visuals and cute cat sounds, it becomes sort of a hobby rather than a game, where you would want to check on your ‘pet cat’ once in a while and go fishing together.

Everything from the presentation to gameplay looks adorable, but just how fun is the game?. It's time to answer that question.


LoadComplete has put together an adorable game using the most simple elements a developer can think of.

The Fishercat is basically a fishing game but with a unique approach where you harpoon instead of using a fishing rod.

You get to control a cat to hunt fish and how a cat is the main spotlight of this game is simply hilarious and brilliant at the same time. The developers have gone with the universal fact that cats love fish and they have fully embraced it here.

The game hasn’t got much going on with a story but the gameplay and the amount of content it has makes up for it.

It uses very simple controls where you simply drag and hold to aim, and then release to fire.

This may seem too simple and boring for both kids and adults but what keeps things interesting gameplay-wise and sets up a challenge for the player is the limited time you get on each level as your cat runs out of air to breathe.

The main objective is to catch as many fish as you can before the oxygen of your diver cat runs out. And you can always upgrade your air tank, harpoon, and even your boat as you progress in the game.

The collection of fish you can find is vast and will keep you occupied for hours.

They come in different rarities and have special characteristics according to their habitats. The ones you catch are added to your collection and you get to maintain your own little aquarium with fish you have caught in the game.

The aquarium can be customized with decorations that you can collect and buy from the in-game store.

The Fishercat using a harpoon The Fishercat gameplay


The Fishercat has a couple of in-game currencies that players can use to buy different in-game items such as boats, characters (cats), harpoons, air tanks, and other items that add variety to the game.

The primary currency of the game is coins and the secondary one is parts.

While you mainly use coins to purchase most of the gameplay-related stuff, parts are used for upgrading them.

The game is free-to-play, and has some micro-transactions built-in just like most freemium games these days.

You can earn the currencies by simply playing the game or you can buy them and other items for real money and upgrade your experience faster.

Rating: 9

Fuzzy shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Fuzzy

The Fishercat is truly a refreshing experience for casual mobile games.

What stands out the most, apart from the fun gameplay, is the connection it makes with the player.