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Android, Ios

When The Witch's Isle opened up with the ‘where am I’ dialogue cliché, I was quite annoyed because if I had a dollar for every time an artistic game opened up with that line.. I would perhaps be rich enough to run my own game development studio.

But as I gave it time and the game introduced me to more of its story, it did not take me long to realize that I’m in for something special.

Let's explore and find out the reasons why.


The gameplay of The Witch’s Isle is that of a point-and-click adventure in which you go around the game’s map and meet different people and animals.

You are presented with a bit of personality belonging to those characters through dialogue and introductions and they are then added to your "journal of characters".

Most of your time will be spent exploring the island, meeting people, and completing puzzles.

One unique feature that stands out in the game is that it lets you see through the perspective of any other character, which sometimes helps with certain puzzles as you quite literally see things through someone else’s eyes. It's an eerily interesting gameplay mechanic.

The game’s soundtrack is nothing that you would be remembering and that’s mainly because it's more ambient and sets up the game's atmosphere perfectly, which is no exaggeration, as you truly feel the sense of gloom and urgency that the game tries to convey.

The Witchs Isle gameplay The Witchs Isle gameplay


The very first thing you notice about The Witch’s Isle besides its engaging storyline is the amazingly aesthetic graphics.

The pixel art is gorgeous to look at and there’s an insane amount of detail within the game’s environment.

Everything feels alive yet grim due to the game’s narrative, and you truly feel the isolation and desperation of the characters stuck on the island as you meet more people and progress through the game’s fairly balanced puzzles.

The UI of the game is very well made too and does a decent job of being clear enough regarding where most of the things are located. But you can’t expect it to be ‘too clear’ either since it’s a puzzle game and they generally want you to figure out most things yourself.

But either way, the game feels very polished in all of the departments which is as good as it gets for a mobile game of this type.

With 7 different endings, and the true ending leading to a new prequel chapter that technically makes it two games in one – the game has a lot of content despite being somewhat short.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

The Witch’s Isle is in no way a masterpiece due to some of the plot twists being too obvious and slightly clunky controls, but it’s still a captivating mobile game thanks to its immersive atmosphere, multiple endings, and puzzling gameplay.