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Android, Ios

There are games easy to review and there are games hard to review – then comes Tsuki Adventure which just confuses you about where you stand with it.

The game can be described as something from the ‘idle’ genre, where you don’t have a great deal of control over the gameplay and have to rely on minimum interference and mostly just waiting for the characters to do certain things.

However, most of the idle games that I’ve played still gave you the choice of doing a lot and just carrying on while you were gone.

Tsuki Adventure is the opposite, as it lets you do the barest minimum of interaction with its world and mostly just stare as the game plays out.


As you can imagine, having limited things to do makes Tsuki Adventure a very simple mobile game by default.

You can take Tsuki around town and he chooses what he wishes to do in those areas himself (which is mostly just sitting on certain benches).

You can talk to random characters, although they start repeating themselves as soon as they’ve said their dialogues for the first time. Then you can also enter shops to browse and buy stuff.

The game's currency is carrots and your carrot farm gives you a couple of them every few hours. The other way to get them is through fishing which is still a grind.

Additionally, the game relies on you doing surveys, watching ads, or playing other games so you can receive bonuses – which can be hectic and unnecessarily annoying.

Sometimes cute animals visit your house to ask you for help in return for carrots, which then leads to an ad if you agree and it’s one of the cutest ways to incite a player to watch ads that I’ve seen.

The only way to avoid the ads, surveys, etc, is to pay real money, so it’s your choice.

But even if you pay money and buy a lot of the items, there’s still not much you can do by yourself in the game and you have to pray that Tsuki randomly decides to do something with the things in his backpack whenever you open the game.

tsuki adventure gameplay tsuki-adventure big city


The game’s storyline is pleasant to follow and might be relatable for some people.

As soon as you come to the countryside, you’ll notice how relaxing the game is in terms of both its visuals and soundtrack.

Everything is beautifully drawn and eye-candy to look at, minimal yet detailed, and the day/night cycle is great.

There are additional things that change the aesthetics such as special events like Halloween or the leaves falling during the autumn season, so that keeps things fresh.

The soundtrack on the other hand might be my favorite thing about Tsuki Adventure, it’s beautiful, bittersweet, and relaxing to listen to and I think each person may interpret its mood differently.

They did a great job with the music and I left my phone playing certain tunes, especially the Graveyard one, on the side while I continued to write up the review.

Tsuki Adventure gets almost everything right except its gameplay, and sadly that takes a lot of points off the score considering the fact this is a game after all.

It needs a lot more on the interaction end of things because it’s just too time-consuming and random to rely on the characters to get in the right mood to do things. Other games such as Tomodachi Life for example did the ‘less interaction, more idle gameplay’ thing way better.

Rating: 6

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Tsuki Adventure is one of the most relaxing mobile games that I’ve seen and has gorgeous graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, and a storyline that has heart; but it’s not ‘game’ enough to be a great game and that holds it back.