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Vampire's Fall: Origins


Early Morning Studio

Android, Ios

There is a certain charm to the old-school action RPGs and a lot of developers today try to create small projects that replicate that classic experience.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins falls into that category and unlike similar mobile games such as Eternium, here the focus is on being a smaller package.

With simple 2D graphics, turn-based combat, and lots of RPG elements, it's an intriguing mobile RPG game that catches your attention.


The gameplay of Vampire’s Fall: Origins is quite straightforward.

You generally traverse through the game’s Diablo-inspired world in a top-down view and interact with people and quests.

You can do many different things in the game in relation to its RPG elements, which include the usual things like tons of weapons to equip, upgrading your skills, and leveling up.

While the character customization is not too variable at the start, the game lets you choose every single piece of garment and armor that you will wear so that makes up for it.

When you finally get to the combat, it shifts into a classic side view in which you have multiple skills and attacks to use. Both you and the enemy take turns using your skills which cost energy and results in animations played out and damage dealt before each turn ends.

You are severely underpowered in the beginning and may have to rely on first finding better weapons and fighting easier monsters to level up higher.

Besides the general gameplay and combat are little details such as crafting potions and choices within the storyline which does not have much of a difference to the outcome of the game and is more of a role-playing element, as you can choose how you want to talk to certain characters and give in to their demands or not.

The storyline itself is pretty basic and not the most immersive so don’t expect any depth here, it’s a fairly small game, so what you see is what you get. There's still a decent variety of quests and exploration - but it's fairly linear stuff and nothing we haven't seen before.

Women character in Vampires Fall Origins Rpg attacking wolf with sword Hooded brotherhood in Vampires Fall Origins Rpg standing near campfire


The graphics of the game are entirely 2D and seemingly hand-drawn.

They are quite good to look at but I’ll admit that the top-down view is a bit overdone because the ability to zoom in would have been great or if the characters/objects were a bit bigger by default. I can’t tell if it’s just my eyes or a general thing, but it’s all a bit too small for me and my display is 6 inches so that isn’t the issue.

But besides that one nitpicky detail, Vampire's Fall: Origins looks pretty good and perfectly captures the aesthetics of a dark RPG game.

The game does have some optimization issues from our testing and might not run as smooth on budget phones.

The UI is very straightforward and does a good job of leading you around. It’s not at all confusing and just points you in the right direction.

The game’s soundtrack is also rather good and the main menu itself has a track with vocals going on.

As soon as you’re done making your character, you are introduced to a cutscene with proper voice acting and great artwork that gives you a brief amount of information about the lore accompanying the game’s setting.

My only complaint would be that the game lacks polish. The skill tree needs better balancing, the story dialogue and general plot could be improved, and the overall presentation of the game would benefit from a more aesthetic UI.

To reiterate on the skill tree, it gives you too many useless options, and since there's usually just one best path to take, there's no variety and it ends up being a "noob trap", and all of this undermines the purpose of having a skill tree in the first place.

Rating: 7

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a mobile game that could be something particularly memorable for the smartphone market. It has great potential and stands out for its combat system and capable RPG experience but misses the mark in a few other areas.