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Wild Castle TD

Tower Defense

Touch Foo

Android, Ios

Tower Defense is a genre about strategic placement and continuously upgrading your defenses against incoming enemy waves.

Idle games, on the other hand, require the bare minimum effort and everything just plays out by itself after you have made a few inputs every once in a while.

Wild Castle TD happens to be a game that's just badly confused between the two.


The gameplay is very simple but not in a good way.

You have a bunch of troops to upgrade/buy/add based on your resources and the level you have reached.

The game, however, does not change at all no matter how far you go, only the number of enemies increases and the amount of damage you deal.

The experience is very grindy, so it constantly offers ads and the ability to replay older levels to get more resources. Failing a level lets you keep the resources you earned, so there's that at least.

Ultimately it just feels like an endless cycle of doing the same things on repeat, even after you unlock the air balloon, the mining section, and the Town Hall, there’s nothing new to do besides going to destroy random castles.

The scenery changes a bit but the gameplay is the same.

After the first few matches, you’ll find yourself pressing the fast forward button on most levels and just zoning out of your phone because the game is really that automated.

Wild Castle td gameplay Wild Castle td gameplay


The graphics are bare minimum and mostly 2D, but a few of the sprites are oddly 3D in a very low-quality kind of way.

It replicates the aesthetics of games like Lords Mobile but not the scale or quality, and getting ads of Lords Mobile constantly within the gameplay just keeps reminding me of something better I could be playing instead.

The UI and polish are very basic, as the options were made available but without the goal of actually making it look good. At times you have to pay extra attention to notice if certain things got upgraded or not because it’s just that lazily compiled.

The sound design is repetitive and another example of just doing the bare minimum, it has one soundtrack that loops infinitely and the sound effects are nothing you haven’t heard a million times before. It’s all very basic and you will just mute it down the line.

Rating: 5

Spike shark review for Android Shark

Reviewed by Spike

There’s really not much to do in the game and I can’t even give it a score based on trying to innovate in some way.

It’s not the worst game to play of its kind but there’s no reason to just not play one of the better ones.