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World of Tennis Roaring 20s


Helium9 Games - tennis and sports games

Android, Ios

Tennis is a very popular sport and it’s no surprise that there are many mobile games based on it that you can find on the Store.

However, it’s rare to see a developer try something fresh in the genre and that’s what brings us to World of Tennis: Roaring ‘20s.

The game features a unique aesthetic that takes you back in time, as everything such as the environment and characters have a classic 1920s look that is still appreciated by millions today.

So, does the game manage to make use of its unique theme to provide a worthwhile tennis experience? Let’s find out.


World of Tennis does not have any on-screen controls.

Instead, the entire game is played by touching and swiping on the screen, which is explained in the tutorial.

Touching anywhere on the court allows you to move around freely and swiping towards the incoming ball (or double-tapping it for a specific type of shot) will hit it using the racket.

You can control which direction your shot will go, and that is usually an important part of getting the opponent to make mistakes.

The game rewards precision and that’s the main lesson to be practiced through the training sessions.

World of Tennis has several game modes, although they play exactly the same. There are tutorial matches that you can have with your coach, which helps you improve your game and allow you to farm money and EXP points without ranks being involved.

Then we have the online matches, which are not exactly multiplayer. The game records your gameplay behavior as you play and then creates an AI that will control your player in online matches. So, when you play against another opponent, it’s the AI of that player, not a real-time multiplayer match. Weird I know.

Lastly, we have tournament mode. Some tournaments are based on a country, some are timed events, and others are simply daily challenges that you can play.

The game also features customization in cosmetics, but the items are costly and will require a lot of grinding if you’re not willing to spend real-world money.

There are also a few extra things such as multiple leaderboards, private clubs which are essentially clans, and so on - but they hardly hold any relevance as this is not a game with real-time online matches.

World of Tennis is an entertaining game for people who love tennis, and its 1920 aesthetics sets it apart from the competition.

While the gameplay is what truly makes or breaks a sports game, the unique atmosphere of this game surprisingly contributes a lot to the overall experience.

And it does not get old swiping eagerly to get the right timings and tricking your opponent to score, and no two matches go the same way because the AI is very well-made.

Sometimes I lost a match right at the end even if I had an early lead in the beginning, while at other times I was the underdog with the low score who climbed to the top and won. It’s a fun game that offers realistic tennis gameplay and while it can use more variety in general, it makes good use of what it does have.

The only annoying thing about the game is the fact that you have to watch ads very often because the free energy to play matches runs out fast - but with a single purchase, you can disable this problem so it’s a fair trade in the end.

World of Tennis Roaring 20s gameplay World of Tennis Roaring 20s gameplay


The graphics of World of Tennis are a bit plain when it comes to having extra details, but the game has a unique art style that makes the minimalism work just fine.

The 1920s aesthetics are rendered beautifully and it truly feels like you’re watching something from that era on the TV.

The game has a Steam version as well which looks equally pleasant, so that should give you a general idea of how good the game’s resolution is.

It looks pretty good and does not feel aesthetically repetitive at all - which is good enough for a sports game. There are many courts and a decent variety of character models, so things remain fresh.

The polish of the game is really good and I did not run into any issues in my playthrough. And it’s optimized very well since you get full frames even on some low-end devices.

The music of the game is pretty good and resembles the type of background music you’d find on an old vinyl record in your grandfather’s attic. It’s catchy and atmospheric, which is great for the game’s theme.

The sound effects are pretty good too and it’s satisfying to hear the sound of the racket hitting the tennis ball. The well-placed cheers when you win or score a really good shot are a great thing to have too.

Rating: 8

Spike the shark reviewer

Reviewed by Spike

World of Tennis is a very fun mobile game that will satisfy fans of sports games.

It can certainly use some additions, such as the ability to set custom rules and playing real-time multiplayer - but for what it offers it’s still a great experience that you won’t get bored of for a while. And you’re not going to find a game with this exact theme either for a long time.